Trek Crockett 7 Review – Is It Worth the Money?

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Slimmed-down bikes have become a trend these days. To keep that trend going, Trek has brought its latest model Crockett 7 to ensure that professional gravelistas can take their bike to any terrain they want. Starting from its stylish outlook to its incredible performance, you can’t take your eyes off this bike even for a second.

Design and build

The glossy grey paintwork looks so premium on this bike. Moreover, the smooth welds make the primary tubes look as if they have a carbon fiber construction. The frame is made from metal, but you won’t understand by looking at it. The seatstays and seat tube have round tubes. These stays poke outwards so that they can maximize the bike’s tire clearance.

This is one of those bikes that the makers carefully crafted to ensure that the rider will get full shoulder support while riding. That is why you see the hydroforming in an extensive shape with the top tube subtly flattened and curved to help your shoulders rest. Apart from the hydroforming, another notable part about the Trek Crockett 7 is its set of chainstays. They slim down in varying amounts behind the bottom bracket attachment to provide a wider tire clearance.

The makers have also forged the dropout slice to stay ahead of the driveside stay. This enabled them to adjust the flat-mount disc calliper mount and include an extended dropout.


The Trek Crockett 7 is undoubtedly, one of the best bikes in the business. Leave the looks for a minute; if you are one of those solely concerned about the performance, this one will give you the ride of your lifetime. There are several small things that help to improve the overall performance of this bike:

  • It comes with 12mm thru-axle dropouts that help to give a stronghold design. The recessed slot offers an adjustable axle guide, something that allows you to adjust the wheelbase.
  • The front part has an IsoSpeed carbon fork. This may seem insignificant, but it holds the secret for its stability and flexibility. The axle position and curved blades behind the sweep of the fork provide the much-needed flexibility and stability to the bike. It allows you to race ahead of the others midway into the competition.
  • This one has a 3S chain keeper, but the catch lies somewhere else. Trek has included a 40-tooth Wave Technology in its direct-mount chainring for smoother riding experience. This is something that every rider dreams of. Whether you are gearing at the start of the race or in full sprint mode, the 40-tooth Wave Technology will support the bike even at the highest possible speed.

Final verdict

If performance is on the top of your priority list, you shouldn’t think twice before buying the Trek Crockett 7. It is the best bike you can imagine, considering the price and the features it offers in that range. This model is worth every penny you spend. Ride this bike, and prepare to take your competitors down in the next race.