Trek Checkpoint ALR

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The Trek Checkpoint ALR is designed as an all-in-one gravel bike with robust features. It’s aimed for enthusiasts hoping to invest in a powerful, all-encompassing bike.

This review will analyze its key features, pros, and cons before offering a final verdict.

Key Features

  • Flat Mount Disc Brakes
  • Carbon Fiber Forks
  • Premium-Grade Aluminum
  • Horizontal Sliding Dropout
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs


1) Ideal for All Conditions

Whether it is raining or sunny outside, this gravel bike is a monster performer. It simply slogs right through anything that’s thrown its way and this stability is much appreciated.

With a wonderful set of wheels and incredible traction, the days of worrying about slipping or sliding are long gone. The Trek Checkpoint ALR has a balanced design, which works well in all conditions without breaking a sweat. This attention to detail and overall quality is what makes it such a superlative gravel bike.

2) Comfortable Ride

The refined welds and oval tubes offer more than enough value for those requiring a comfortable ride. You can sit down and ride this gravel bike without having to worry about significant bumps. It’s able to push through everything without causing trouble and that’s what makes the Trek Checkpoint ALR impressive.

3) Durable Build Quality

The aluminum build and carbon fiber forks are noticeable right off the bat. It’s not only the aesthetic detailing that’s impressive but also how everything comes together to create a dependable bike.

This gravel bike isn’t going to break down easily due to how secure each part is. There’s a purpose to how the design flows and where each component goes making it a world-class bike.

If the concern is whether or not the bike is going to hold up over time, it’s time to put those worries to bed. The Trek Checkpoint ALR is a magnificent gravel bike with one of the better builds available right now.

4) Excellent Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is often ignored by riders until it is too late and the investment is made.

In this regard, the Trek Checkpoint ALR has built-in shock mitigation through the carbon fibre components to make sure the bumps are smoother. This includes well-designed wheels to take the brunt of what’s underneath you while riding. This attention to detail is one of the top reasons for relying on the Trek Checkpoint ALR on rougher surfaces. It simply works.


1) Average Weight Capacity

This is a lightweight bike and this is something you have to account for while investing in the Trek Checkpoint ALR. It’s an exceptional gravel bike offering a plethora of advantages but it’s not as adept at handling heavier loads in comparison to other options on the market. This isn’t a major concern for those smaller in size but can become a detriment for larger individuals.

For most this won’t be an issue but it’s important to know the limits of the bike.

Final Verdict

The Trek Checkpoint ALR is a robust, fine-tuned gravel bike with everything a rider could ever dream of. It’s easy to ride, offers tremendous shock absorption through clever carbon fibre components, and has a refined chassis that’s ideal for all conditions.