Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2-Bike Storage Rack

A Detailed Review of the Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2-Bike Storage Rack

It is quite frustrating if you have to keep your bike in your apartment. You can’t build a garage for it; it will be too big. And, you reduce your home’s space because of the bike. You end out having to park your lovely bike in some unsecure location. Instead of doing that, why don’t you buy a Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2-Bike Storage Rack? This will make life easier for you, the bike and everybody involved. You won’t have to spend a fortune to build a shed/garage, or rent a space for your bike, and it won’t take the extra space in your apartment.


The first feature that sets this bike storage rack apart from everything else is its ability to save space. It confines your bike to within a small area, keeping it safe and secure. In fact, you can keep two bikes on this rack. So, if you and your partner go for a ride in the morning, you won’t have to buy two separate racks. One will suffice for both the bikes. Or if you just want to have two bikes you can!

Sturdy build quality

The second reason why you should absolutely get this bike storage rack is because of its sturdy build quality.

It comes in two color variants: silver or black, both having cradles and anodized aluminum main column. The makers have carefully engineered these parts into the bike rack so that they can last for years without deteriorating in the style quotient. The free-standing Velo Cache 2 can fit easily in any corner of your house or garage.

It has a three-leg design that doesn’t leave any marks on the walls, ceilings, or floors. Keep it on the floor or hang it from one of the walls; it will remain sturdy for years. This bike storage rack can support up to 80 pounds. That’s more than enough capacity because most of the bikes these days hardly weigh around 18 pounds. So, you can keep two of them on a rack without thinking twice.

Stylish design

The Velo Cache 2 has two heavy-duty steel arms. Both the sets come padded with soft rubber cradles that can hold your bike firmly in position once you lock it. You can adjust the arms, depending on the size and type of your bike. Some of the bikes with sloping top tubes also fit in the Velo Cache 2 comfortably. So don’t worry, your gravel bike will be right at home.

This bike storage rack is not just to keep your bike securely in its place but also lets you show off your pride and joy. The three-legged base gives enough firmness to avoid the rack from toppling over. Even if it falls, you can be assured that it won’t harm your floor or walls. The soft rubber doesn’t allow scratches on any surface.

Final verdict

The Velo Cache 2 is a stunning piece of kit, and a lovey bike storage rack to have in your house. If you are an avid biker but can’t find a nice space to keep your bike, the Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2-Bike Storage Rack will solve your problem. A big thumbs up to the makers who were able to bring us this complete package of style and functionality at an affordable price.