A Comprehensive Review of the Trek Checkpoint AL

Image provided courtesy of trekbikes.com

Want to buy a bike that stands the test of time and can perform incredibly on all surfaces? Bring home the Trek Checkpoint AL, and you would not want to see another bike in the next few years. This is one of the most versatile, long-lasting, and high-performing bikes you will ever come across. Starting from the integrated support for singlespeed riders to adjustable rear dropouts, the makers have not compromised on any part while designing this bike.

Durable frame and kit

This is probably the most stylish bike from Trek. Checkpoint AL comes with a classic aluminum frame with ovalized tubes, glossy paintwork, and neat welds. It also sports multiple mounts to support mudguards and front and rear racks. You also get two bottle cages on the top of its down tube, one beneath the tube, and one on the seat tube. The makers have only used a single port to carry all the cables. It consists of the hose routing wires and internal cables collected in one unit. This also makes the bike look neat.


The bike doesn’t complicate things with too many gears. This is a massive benefit for gravelistas who are singlespeed riders. Those who regularly take their bike to rough terrains prefer to have adjustable wheelbase length. The Trek Checkpoint AL allows you to do that. It has a 3mm gap between the chainstay and the left crank. While many may think the gap is too small, there is nothing to worry about. In fact, this is the part that helps in altering your wheelbase length.

Most importantly, the adjustable wheelbase length also makes room for bigger tires. The Trek Checkpoint AL comes with 45mm tires that many say are quite slim in profile. However, you can always change them later if you don’t feel comfortable. The tires are stable enough to keep the rear end of the bike tight. In its basic form, the Trek Checkpoint AL shares its wheelbase and chainstay length with an equal-sized Boone.

The seat angle is slightly slacker so that you can adjust your position before starting. Apart from the angling seat, you also get a steep head angle. This one has a shorter head tube, lower bottom bracket, and longer top tube. All this boils down to one thing: to help the bike perform better at all surfaces. Whether you are on a plain road or a graveled path, the super-stable base of the bike will not affect your seat in any way.

Final verdict

Trek has got several things right with this bike. First, it doesn’t allow too many cables to create a mess in and around the tire area. Second, the ergonomic design makes this model perfect for both amateur and pro riders. In fact, pro riders will enjoy it the most because of the singlespeed feature. Lastly, the angling seat makes your riding experience more comfortable. Compare it with any other bike seat, and the Trek Checkpoint AL will edge ahead of others without any doubt in mind.